Armley - Headingley

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The route marked between Headingley and Armley is heavily used as an intra-urban connector between north west and south west Leeds. Congestion can be particularly acute because it uses one of the few crossing points over the River Aire and the Leeds and Liverpool canal in the west of the city.

The addition of cycle lanes in both directions along the length of this route has the potential to encourage a modal shift from cars and make a real impact on congestion. These cycle lanes would help to establish a more comprehensive network outside the radial routes, and would be a useful on-road addition to the Leeds Core Cycle Network (forming itinerary Ar - W). The proposed route offers connections to the improved cycle facilities on Kirkstall Road (A65) and the future CityConnect facilities.

The addition of cycle lanes would be of particular benefit to uphill cyclists, minimizing their conflict with motorists.

In addition to the environmental, economic and health benefits, the project would improve car-free mobility between three very different communities in Leeds: Headingley, Hyde Park and Armley.

The width of the pavements along the northern sector would allow for a widened carriageway in order to accommodate the cycle lanes. The loss of pavement width would be outweighed by the benefits of calmed traffic. The carriageway of the southern sector is already generous and would make the implantation of cycle lanes relatively straight forward.


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