South Worple Way - new banned left turn - needs "Except Cycles" exemption

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Added by Tom B

Following a consultation ( ), Richmond Council has now put up 'No Left Turn' signs at the eastern end of South Worple Way, just before the junction with White Hart Lane, to try and prevent dangerous driving and motor vehicles blocking this very tight junction by trying to use it to get across the railway crossing.

Cycles do not cause the same issues in relation to endangering pedestrians waiting on the very narrow pavements, or blocking the road (as cycles take up less room and, if it is necessary while waiting at the railway crossing, they can easily be moved aside by riders).

North and South Worple ways are important through routes for cyclists as they allow people to avoid the much busier Mortlake High Street and Upper Richmond Road. However, motorists can use these routes for rat-running (and can do so aggressively, in my experience, particularly on North Worple Way), and therefore it is important to show that cyclists have equal if not greater priority on these quiet routes.

It would be good to make it clear that the banned left turn from South Worple Way onto White Hart Lane is not intended to apply to cyclists by adding an "Except Cycles" sign to the new signage. This would help avoid any potential misunderstanding by (and consequent conflict with) drivers and other road users.


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