Consultation on Central Somers Town proposals, March 2015

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Added by Jean Dollimore

Camden Council proposes some changes in Somers Town including:

- new buildings for Edith Neville Primary school with the entrance moved to the corner of Purchese Street and Polygon Road

- new housing

- closure of Polygon Road between Ossulston Street and Chalton Street

- new landscaped park and open spaces

See the consultation at:

A model and exhibition about the proposals is on display at Somers Town Community Association until April 27th


The plans show what looks like a wooded park enclosing the cycle route on Polygon Road between Purchese Street and Ossulston Street as well as the little square at the southern end of Charringon Street.

Angela and I have met with the Louise Trewavas (the officer responsible); she assures us that Camden intends to provide total permeability for cycling through the area. But she was talking of cycling slowly through the wooded part. We pointed out that this is a major N-S route that uses the safe crossing over Euston Road to Mabledon Place and quoted figures from the RCS counter. (She is a cyclist and did understand that point).

We noted that when the RCS southern extension down Pancras Road is extended down Midland Road to a safe crossing over Euston Road to Judd Street that many cyclists may prefer that route which will decrease pressure on the Somers Town route.

We discussed two alternatives to improving the route through Somers Town between Goldington and Ossulston Street:

- a route down Charrington Street provides a good straight run but would require something like the Ampton Street track through the square. It would avoid the new entrance to Edith Neville school. But there is an issue as to how cycles will cross the footway in Polygon Road where there will be many pedestrians at school opening and closing times

- a route down Purchese Street as far as Brill Place which will only be acceptable if the cobbles are covered with a smooth surface of an acceptable width with one track in each direction. 


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