Removal of ASLs on Armley Ridge Road

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Added by M Stanley

From member R.A.G.

There used to be two very useful cycle boxes (ASLs) in either direction at the junction traffic lights where ARR crosses SR. However, they have relayed the junction, and also repainted, but these two ASLs have disappeared.

While I actually think that a lot of ASLs are not that necessary (when the only option is to go straight on or turn left, and the volume of cyclists is always very low) as I'm sure you are more than aware, ASLs in positions such as these ones, are actually very important. If you are turning left from ARR onto SR the it is not an issue, however if you are continuing on ARR across the junction, then it is. ARR crosses SR with a slight left right shimmy, so you have to turn left first, then be in the right hand lane on SR, before you turn right to continue onto ARR, which is almost impossible/very dangerous without taking up the centre of the ARR single lane, before temporarily turning left onto the SR right hand lane of two.

I would like to think that they will be painted back in time, but it would seem that all other painting has been completed, and the workmen have moved on, so it doesn't look likely.

It is mildly ironic, while supposedly increasing cycling safety down SR, they have in turn decreased it on an adjoining roads such as ARR, and perhaps numerous others.


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