Planning and cycling (Ely)

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Added by JohnP

Two questions about details of the Ely Leisure Village

Planning permission included a cycleway around the edge of the site connecting a perfectly adequate cycleway as far as the underpass to the cycle parking near McDonalds. The planners never had any intention of building this cycleway. I have searched the published documents but not found any intimation of this intention.

1. If I included access across my build in a planning application but didn't intimate that I had no intention of building it in the foreseeable future, then I think the planners would tell be to get on with it and build it! What is the legal status of pick and choose in the planning process?

2. The access for cycles from the underpass to the cycle parking as built is indicated (blue sign) along a footpath. This footpath is not fit for bidirectional shared use. If indeed the intention was to not build the cycleway, should there have been some published consideration of an alternative to which interested parties could comment? I have searched the online planning documents and can't find anything.


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