Burley Road / Willow Road

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West bound traffic on Burley Road approaching the crossroads is segregated into one lane of buses and cycles and one lane of all other traffic. A set of traffic lights 100m from the crossroads gives alternating priority to these two streams: one sequence holds back cars to allow buses to pass through, the other sequence retains the bus lane.

Under the current layout, cyclists that wish to turn left into Willow Road can find themselves detained for some time. They are held back by red lights and lack the room to trickle forward to the later set of traffic lights without coming into conflict with other road users.

However, left-turning cyclists would be able to trickle forward if works were carried out to:
• Reprofile the pavement to allow the installation of a cycle lane following the line on the map.
• Create a bypass to the left of the bus lane lights so that cyclists can legally make headway.

It should be noted that the above measures are only intended for cyclists turning south. Under such measures the stream of traffic is always to the right of the cyclist.

Those going straight ahead (into Burley Rd.) or turning right (into Cardigan Rd.) should remain subject to the bus lane signals because their path crosses that of the other stream.

The current situation constitutes a bottle-neck on routes from the universities and parts of the city centre to Kirkstall and South Leeds. This crossover allows cyclists to access the higher-quality facilities on Kirkstall Road, and avoid the narrower Burley Road (where there is no cycle lane).


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