North-west bound cycle lane ends

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Added by TMiles

Cyclists benefit from an almost continuous cycle or bus lane along the A660 from the city centre. This route is much used by students cycling between central university campuses and accommodation in north-west Leeds.

After the central traffic lights in Headingley, the cycle lane ends and the road narrows. Although the road later widens out to two lanes, there is a stretch (marked on the map) where cyclists have insufficient space on what is a busy radial road.

There are two possible solutions here. The first would be to widen the north-west bound lane to allow a standard width cycle lane to be marked out. The second option would be to add a phase into the traffic light sequence that grants cyclists a ~10 second head start to clear this narrow stretch. This solution could involve detectors in the cycle lane upstream of the lights to avoid its unnecessary activation. It would also allow cyclists to position themselves better for the next junction, where traffic is split into two lanes.


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