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  • Chapeltown Rd Leeds

    Created by dpattinson // 1 thread

    Although cycle lanes are marked in parts along Chapeltown Rd going out of town, it is quite dangerous, especially where there is parking for the shops along the west side of Chapeltown Rd. A particular concern is just after the pedestrian crossing lights past Mexborough St, opposite Costcutters. The vehicle lane narrows for the pedestrian island in the middle of the road, but straight after it are car parking spaces which protrude out into the road, creating a bottleneck so cyclists have to go into the middle of the vehicle lane to get around cars parked there. I've had a few close calls there as impatient vehicles try to push past where there is no room.

    It is almost normal during peak hour to have to negotiate cars parked on double yellow lines across the cycle lane.

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  • Dangerous and blocked cycle-lane

    Created by WillC // 0 threads

    Leeds-bound cycle lane adjacent to Coopers Pub is regularly blocked by cars using the pizza shop next door. The cycle-lane itself is only useful if you are wishing to turn left into The Green. If you wish to go straight ahead then you have to use the main carriageway. This is , not wide enough for cars to pass so you have to take the primary position for safety. This causes irritation for drivers who do not understand the the cycle lane provided is not for cyclists travelling straight on. Junction needs rethinking, and illegal parking addressed.

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  • Dangerous junction

    Created by WillC // 0 threads

    Leeds-bound cycle lane stops at junction and continuing in a straight line would mean hitting pavement, so cyclist need to pull out into traffic that up until then has been safely passing them. At the same time as cyclists are pulling into the main carriageway - in the center of the junction - vehicles are pulling into the left side as the carriageway narrows on the other side of the junction. It is a regular source of near-misses and very intimidating.
    The junction needs realigning/redesigning.

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  • Semi-permanent puddle in cycle lane - ice hazard

    Created by WillC // 0 threads

    Water and other dirty waste collects in the cycle lane (Leeds-bound). It seems to be coming from the access road to the Cricket Club in Nunroyd Park (you can follow the flow to this side road). In winter this forms a regular icy dangerspot. Existing drains are either blocked or insufficient.

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