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  • North Lane: cycle parking

    Created by TMiles // 1 thread

    Cycle stands are needed on the north-west side of North Lane, a street with a number of independent shops and a relatively high flow of cyclists.

    Well-used cycle parking does exist on the other side of North Lane, but parked cars and traffic make the street difficult to cross.

    A bank of stands could either be sited on the walkway (with consideration given to the width of the pavement) or occupy one parking space.

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  • Lack of Cycle Parking Leeds City Centre

    Created by LeedsCyclists // 1 thread

    Central Leeds is badly lacking cycle parking. Many locations have no cycle parking at all, or only a few token stands, which are often full. At the recent Cycle Consultation Forum, the Council asked for suggestions of locations that need cycle parking: send your suggestions to Mark Robinson at Leeds City Council.

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